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No Bank Account? No Problem! Pay Easy via OTC

The high interest for cashless payments of Filipinos is what drives our business to produce quality and secure payment solutions in the country. In fact, according to Visa’s Consumer Payment Attitudes Survey, over half of the Filipinos prefer to use electronic payment methods as of 2016.

Due to this demand for advanced payment facilities, Ziapay also discovers that there are 86% of Filipino households who are unbanked or do not have any bank accounts like credit cards and debit cards. However, this will not be a hurdle to take advantage of the new payment system, because Ziapay offers Over-the-counter facilities located in different outlets nationwide. 

Today, Filipinos can make use of different online payment platforms for national collections. The old system of paying a tax that usually takes long hours and more effort in queuing has now a new facility that allows people to settle their payment online. For those who are unbanked, there’s no need to worry as you can still use the payment facility and may choose to settle your payment Over-the-Counter.

And to expand the OTC services across the country, Ziapay continues to build a partnership with different business establishments, payment centers and outlets that will serve people who opt to pay with physical cash. Ziapay’s current partners are ECPay that has 6,613 branches, XEND with 240 branches and TouchPay with over 1,000 branches nationwide.

Ziapay is thrilled to announce to you our soon to be partners including malls and supermarkets, so stay tuned as we continue to serve you with the growing innovative payment solutions.


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