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Our Services




Ziaplex provides total solution package specifically designed for different client needs. There’s no need to transact with different suppliers and partners as we cater end-to-end solutions from providing hardware and software up to customer support services.

Our indigenous team offers advanced level of payment solutions ranging from Online Registration System, Payment Gateway, and RFID Card Production System.

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What We Can DO

Online Registration


Payment Gateway




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Bills Payment


Ziapay’s bill payment system allows clients to settle their bills and utilities payments in a fast and secure manner. With the complete billing information, we guarantee that all payments will be processed and sent as scheduled.


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Advanced Security


As the latest innovation in payment gateway, we manage all payment related information and ensure that clients can process their finances securely. We do this by using only the advanced hardware and software applications, which are highly Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant.

ZiaPay acquires HSM Security and Firewall F5 to ensure that all files and server conforms to the industry best practice standards in storing merchant and consumer information. The entire payment application is covered with PCI DSS Certification Level 1 and also features a onetime


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RFID Central Card Production and Card Personalization set emphasis on a centralized and secured printing of RFID cards, which can accommodate high volume output needed by any merchants, whether as membership card, e-wallet or loyalty card.



We believe that every client has its own and specific needs. That’s why we are catering end-to-end quality solutions to meet their requirements, from providing hardware and software up to customer support services, name it we have it. 


  • RFID Card: Features wireless data transmissions that are error-free, exceptionally fast and accurate compared to manual data transmissions.
  • A multi-purpose card that can be used in various payment transactions which has extremely strong anti-counterfeit capabilities.
  • POS: The ZiaPay’s POS system is independent from web access and can be used both online and offline.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: The device monitoring and performance management is included in the infrastructure. It is built with the designs and engineering, which are capable of handling LAN services.
  • PRIVATE CLOUD COMPUTING: ZiaPay can run on cloud with purpose-built tools for performance optimization, security assurance and potential problems rectification before the users even see them. It can intelligently plan capacity, optimize resource allocation and evolve to a complete IT chargeback model.
  • SETTLEMENT: Partnered with Philippines’ Interbank networks, we guarantee secured execution of your transactions.  With the network to financial institutions, ZiaPay can be directly connected to every merchant and consumer, which will make payments much easier.
  • CLEARING HOUSE: Increase claim processing efficiency and accuracy by using the ZiaPay’s Clearing House Interbank Payment Systems.
  • GPS LOCATOR: The GPS locator can record the actual time as well as monitor location of the product, both online and offline. This promotes fast recovery when a device is stolen.
  • WEB PORTAL/HELPDESK: Ziapay ensures that customers are provided with a user-friendly system, immediate assistance and technical support. 

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Why Ziaplex

Low-cost registration fee for Merchants
Easy to Implement
User friendly Interface
Secure Payment Mechanism
Complies to Industry Standards and BSP

Standard Features

Accepts Credit & Debit Cards
Card & Mobile Wallet
Generates e-Receipt
Logs all transactions
User Friendly Merchant Dashboard
Online Registration System
Loyalty/Rewards (if applicable)
Very Accessible and Flexible System

Security Features

PCI DSS level 1 Certified
One time password (OTP)
BIR TIN algorithm (if applicable)
Secured Card holder information